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Are you already feeling frustrated with your present home but don’t want to move? If so, then perhaps it is the best time to do some home remodeling. The following are some signs that shows that you are ready.

You love the neighborhood and location of your home, and most of all, you love living in your existing home; the problem is that it shows some signs of aging, such as outdated layout, cabinetry, and fixtures. Or maybe there are some changes in your circumstances, such as having an elderly parent join your family or expecting a new family member.

When this happens, you know that some changes will need to be done. But how would you know if it is the right time to do it. It is contrary to simply deciding that you want to move or sell your house. Additionally, where should you begin with your home remodel?

The following are some tips that can help you in deciding whether it is time to begin remodeling your home and choosing home remodeling contractors:

Obvious Signs of Deterioration

Most often, home remodeling is necessary. Perhaps there are structural problems caused by deterioration, such as damaged floorboards on the porch, roof leaks, or readjustment of the fireplace and foundation. Or maybe the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen have been detached or the carpets have shown some signs of wear and weathering.

Home deterioration problems are something that you should not ignore. Aside from the fact that it can result in more costly problems down the road, such as the porch, foundation, or roof failure, they can probably affect your happiness with your home and your ability to resell it in the future.

Have the Money for It

Remodeling a home needs a financial investment, especially if you want a complete renovation, such as an addition or a kitchen renovation. If you have substantial home equity, you might be able to cover the expenses for the remodel with a home equity loan. You can get advice from a financial institution so that you will know your options if you choose to finance your home renovation.

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You Want to See Your Return on Investment

If you have plans to stay in your house until you see a return on investment, then you should remodel your home. On the other hand, if your job requires relocation or you are thinking of downsizing after your kids graduate high school, house renovation might not make sense for you.

If you are planning to have a significant home remodel that requires sufficient financial investment, then you are not only going to enjoy its benefits for the coming years. Yet, you also get the chance to recover some of the costs if you decide to sell in the future. However, if the cost of upgrading your kitchen is $100,000 and you decide to sell it after two years, then most probably, you will not be able to recover much of your investment.

Nevertheless, some renovation options have high returns on investment. For instance, installing a stone facade using a manufactured stone veneer of setting up custom garage doors.

Require More Space

Maybe your lifestyle or family has grown extensively ever since you purchased your recent home, or perhaps your children have grown enough, and they need more privacy, and it seems your house feels small for everyone.

If you think that everyone in the family is already crawling on top of each other, then perhaps it is time that you should hire an architect to help you in changing the layout of your home  You might want to open up the walls so you can have larger living spaces. Or perhaps you are planning to have a home addition in case you still have some available space.

Feels More Outdated

Maybe the linoleum in your kitchen or your brass fixtures in the bathroom feels old already. Or perhaps the fireplace in your living room looks like it is from the 60’s. Or maybe your kitchen looks like a cave due to the dark-stained cabinets. If you think your home requires some catching up, then a remodel is best. You could either have brushed nickel fixtures in your bathroom, a modern stone veneer fireplace in your living room, redo the kitchen cabinets in white, paint the walls in contemporary colors, or install new carpets.

Renovating your house not only makes you happier due to its modern aesthetic, but it can also help you retain or increase your home’s value.

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Space is Not Functional Anymore

Perhaps you get frustrated each you cook a meal since there is not enough counter space in your kitchen. Or you feel overwhelmed with the tremendous clutter and don’t have enough storage room. If you think that your home is not efficiently functioning for everyday life, then it’s time that you should consider getting an architect to help you determine what you need to do.

Perhaps you might need to open up your kitchen so you can install a bar for extra workspace and storage. Maybe you might require a built-in entertainment center in your living room. If you feel that your space does not fit your lifestyle, then perhaps it’s time that you should have a house remodel.

Some Space Are Unused

Maybe your guest room has not been occupied by a guest in almost ten years. Or perhaps you only set your dining table once a year during the holidays. If you have some unused space in your home, then you should think of ways how it can be more functional. You might consider breaking a wall between the seldom-used bathroom and the master bath so you can have a large master suite complete with a luxurious shower and a deep soaking tub.

Or perhaps you could open up the space between your kitchen and dining room so you can have a larger kitchen space and an eating area near where you are cooking. As a result, you can have an entertaining space rather than a formal dining room which is not frequently used.

Your Home Meant a Lot to You

If you are firmly attached to your home even if it does not provide you with all your present needs, then perhaps a house remodel is a great option rather than moving or selling. Maybe you are close to the people in your neighborhood, and you feel that you can trust them. Or perhaps your kids love the local school in your community. Or maybe your kids were born in this house, which is why you have an emotional attachment to it.

Regardless of your reason, if your house means a lot to you, it is probably a good idea to get some remodeling ideas from an architect so that your house can fit your lifestyle rather than moving away.

Have the Patience for Temporary Disruption

Let’s face it, house renovation can be time-consuming and messy, especially if you are doing a home addition or a kitchen renovation. The house remodel process can probably take three to six months. Can you tolerate that? Do you have other options for eating or cooking if you do a kitchen remodel?

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