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Do you want to redesign your home on a limited budget? If you’re based in Keller, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. At The Design Studio, we’ll be sharing tips on how to redesign a room without breaking the bank. For more information, keep scrolling below.

One-day redesign is a cost-effective way to revamp your interior space, especially if you’re on a tight budget. It offers a speedy method to restyle any room in your home by using items and furniture you already have. This sustainable approach involves repurposing, reusing, restyling, and repositioning items to enhance your room’s appearance.

Here are some of the tips that you can do to redesign a room on a budget. 

Clear the Room

Before beginning the room redesign process, it’s essential to clear the space. Remove everything except for large furniture pieces like sofas or armoires. For heavy furniture, you can use furniture sliders to facilitate movement.

Also, make sure to clear the walls by taking down artwork, mirrors, shelving, lighting fixtures, and window treatments.

The items you remove from the room should be placed neatly in an adjacent room, organized by type. This organization will make it easier to find what you need during the redesign process. For instance, group lamps, baskets, vases, artwork, and chairs together so that you won’t have trouble locating them when it’s time for the redesign.

Set a Focal Point

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After the room has been cleared of items, you can now assess the space to determine the appropriate focal point. There are two types of focal points:

  • Architectural or Natural Focal Point: This is something inherent in the room, such as built-in cabinets, a bookcase, a fireplace, or a window.
  • Designed Focal Point: This is an item or piece of furniture you can introduce to the room, such as an accent wall, a large armoire, a substantial mirror, or a significant artwork. Once you’ve identified the focal point, you can initiate the redesign process by organizing the space around it.

Determine the Room’s Function

After clearing the room, establish its primary function. Consider what this space will be used for. For example, in a kitchen, the purpose is cooking, baking, dining with family, and socializing during gatherings. A bedroom is for sleeping, relaxing, watching TV, and reading. A living room is for staying warm by the fireplace and enjoying games with family and friends.

Consider your space’s full potential and how it will serve your needs. Once you’ve determined the room’s purpose, ensure that everything in the room contributes to its functionality. It’s essential to make the best use of your space, ensuring it aligns with its intended purpose.

Furnish the Room

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After determining the room’s purpose, it’s time to arrange the space piece by piece, making use of the items and furniture you have.

Start with any area rugs you may have. These rugs can help define different zones in the room. Place them in areas corresponding to the designated focal point and the room’s intended function. Then, arrange your largest piece of furniture, typically the sofa, on the rug. If the rug is smaller, ensure that the front legs of the sofa touch it. Next, arrange the second-largest piece in the room, such as a love seat, entertainment center, or armoire. Finally, arrange the smaller pieces, including chairs, coffee tables, and recliners.

When arranging furniture, always keep the room’s purpose in mind. Consider what you need when guests come over. Are there enough chairs and tables for their drinks and food? Is there a suitable spot for a table lamp? Design the space by adding one piece of furniture or item at a time. Step back and assess how it looks and if it aligns with the room’s intended purpose.

In a larger room, you can create additional furniture groupings, such as a desk area or a reading nook with a small bookcase. These secondary groupings should also serve a functional purpose.

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Consider Traffic Flow

To assess the traffic flow within the space, take a walk around the room and try to move from one area to another. Are there any obstructions in the walkway or near doorways? Do you need to navigate around furniture to move between spaces?

Make necessary adjustments to address these issues before introducing additional items to the room. Rearrange some pieces if needed to ensure clear pathways and unobstructed doorways.

Check the Lighting

After arranging the furniture and items in the room, it’s essential to evaluate the room’s lighting. Is the space adequately illuminated? If not, consider adding lighting fixtures to brighten the room. You can also incorporate lighting fixtures for decorative purposes.

For instance, place a lamp on a side table for reading or add one to your workspace. Survey the room’s corners; a floor lamp can effectively brighten up these areas. Ensure that the lighting reaches all corners of the room.

Decorate the Walls

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Don’t forget to adorn the walls with artwork, shelves, or lighting fixtures. If you have an accent wall, consider starting with it and then moving around the room, one wall at a time.

On the focal point wall, use the finest wall accessories. You might place a large mirror or an oversized artwork on this wall. The room’s focal point should be captivating, as it instantly grabs your guests’ attention.

Do you want to redesign your home? If you’re working with a limited budget, consider The Design Studio’s one-day redesign services. Our owner and head designer, Tammy Hamilton, has been serving our loyal clients since 2003.

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